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We provide sale and leaseback transactions to businesses looking to release cash tied up in property.

We also purchase property for businesses looking to move locations.

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Sale & Leaseback

A Sale and Leaseback is a transaction in which a business sells the commercial property which it operates from and simultaneously leases the property back on a long-term basis. Your business retains complete operational control over the property, as if it were the owner.


  • Raise more cash than a mortgage
  • Zero debt
  • Lease payments are fully tax deductible
  • Cash to grow the business
  • No asset risk
  • Cash offer + quick completion

3 Simple Steps

Get in touch

Contact us with your enquiry.


We agree terms and provide a cash offer.

Lease signing

Released capital can be used to grow the business.


– Need a new premises but not in a position to buy?

– Want to relocate or expand into new locations?

– Struggling to afford a deposit?

We can purchase a premises for you to occupy, then rent it to you on a long, secure lease. This way you get your ideal premises to operate from, allowing you to expand your business securely.

Let us buy your new premises

✔ The perfect property for you and your business.
✔ Any commercial/industrial property, anywhere.
✔ No mortgages, banks or building societies.
✔ Rent payments are fully tax deductible.
✔ Cash buyers, therefore quick completion.
✔ No asset risk.


3 Simple Steps

Get in touch

Provide details of the property you wish to occupy.


We agree terms, then purchase the property.

Lease signing

Your new lease begins on the same day as completion.

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A Sale & Leaseback is an agreement where a business sells its premises and leases the property back on a long-term basis. The business remains in secure, long term occupation of the property. It gives the business a cash injection to reinvest and generate more revenue.

A sale and leaseback provides proceeds up to 100% of the appraised value of the property, versus 60% – 70% appraised valuation from a typical commercial mortgage.

Sale & Leaseback transactions improve liquidity by releasing capital which is tied-up in premises. The capital can be reinvested to drive the business forward and generate additional revenue.

Property is expensive; you may not be able to afford a deposit. Alternatively, you may not be able to get a mortgage on the premises due to lack of trading history. By leasing, you are not at the mercy of rising interest rates. These are just some of the reasons not to buy your business premises.

Sale & Leaseback

Want to learn more about how a Sale and Leaseback transaction may help your business grow?


A sale and leaseback was the perfect solution to help us service two large new contracts and expand the business.

Mrs Thomlinson, Bristol

Selling the property and leasing it back allowed us to raise significant funds whilst staying in place. Clients and staff did not know anything had changed.

Mr Malpus, Sheffield


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